Seagate ST32122A

Seagate ST32122A

Not a montage. Shot straight after removing the cover.

3 Responses to “Seagate ST32122A”

  1. manbehinddancefever sagt:


    I want to buy this harddisk. It may be the possibility to talk to a friend everytime – even so on sunday mornings – because I know the man in this harddisk!!! Make a nice price – or have a lot of fun!!!

    Really good new design, but a little bit tricky – no buttons anymore ;-)))

    Have a good evening – so long!!!

  2. ronybc sagt:

    right now… a ST32122A is being torchered (weekly routine test..!!! ) here with:
    badblocks -o sdc1.badblocks -w /dev/sdc1

    but there is no badblocks yet… my disk is really hard…! :)