Battery replacement on Korg M1R

My M1R came up with a „battery low“ warning just a few months after I did the replacement on the TX802. Possibly these oldies start a conversation on their sicknesses each night after the boss has gone to sleep. The CR2032 button cell is sitting in a socket, so there is not much to tell about the exercise itself, but it was still an opportunity to take photos of the innards.

3 Responses to “Battery replacement on Korg M1R”

  1. Scott sagt:

    Hi – I have an opportunity to buy an M1R relatively cheap – the only issue is that the internal battery is as good as dead. How hard is it to find one and then replace? Thanks for any info you can give me.


    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Scott,

      the battery is a CR2032 lithium button cell, which is commonly available at electronic and radio stores for a few cents. Just flip out the old cell and insert the new one, that’s it. To open the housing, unscrew the rackmounts and the top cover. Unplug the power cable before you start opening, and always touch a side of the M1R’s metal housing shortly before you get one of your hands on the mainboard (static electricity).


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