Battery replacement on Yamaha FS1R

Yesterday my FS1R came up with a “Battery Low!” warning after I had already done the replacement on my M1R and TX802 one year ago. Fortunately again, the CR2032 button cell sits in a holder. Note the Sanyo LC78834 DACs.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Hajo, thanks for yur excellent pictures! They helped me to make sure I can exchange the battery myself.
    Have fun with your FS1R!
    from Cologne, Germany

  2. Tret says:

    BIG thanks for this information


  3. Wolfgang says:

    Thanks… very useful page.

  4. Mari says:

    I did it!!! Thank you very much!!!
    Very usefull!
    Greetings from Holland

  5. Andreas says:

    Does not seem impossible to exchange. Good cause mine just went low too.

  6. Andreas says:

    Thank you, I just looked at your pictures and replaced my battery. Worked out good!

  7. Paul says:

    Great help !Thank you

  8. Steve S says:

    Thanks for the pics and battery info. Just swapped mine. Did it quick and the memory looks like it stayed.

  9. LinearNorth says:

    Thanks for this! My FS1R battery just went out tonight! Wish I would’ve read the part about losing the memory once it was turned off though!

  10. drdel / Berlinpuls says:

    This is a very useful guide! Note the unit must be opened at the bottom.

  11. Jjb says:

    Wow, mine just went out, wonder what determines life, I have gear from the 1980s that still have original battery…

  12. Rich says:

    THANK YOU! It worked!
    I would never have done it on my own without your blog.

    1) Open the unit by unscrewing the bottom and 3 additional screws from the front panel bottom.
    2) remove the battery by gently sliding it back in the holder and then lifting at an angle.

  13. Dave says:

    Big help, just saved me $$ going to the repair shop! Much appreciated.

  14. moses says:

    really big help – thank you so much.
    what would we do without the internet and of course hajo for this …
    fs1r is done – now i should do the same with my m1r ex :-)
    greetings from germany / bavaria and many thanks from here again and again

  15. Heiner Kruse says:

    i bought it in April 2000, there was a special soundset on it, do you have any idea how to get hold of that again? cheers

  16. Phil says:

    Just in case anyone reads this. It is the bottom panel that you take off. All the screws plus the screw on the front bottom middle. When I turned mine back on the screen was just light but when I looked closely I could just about make out the screen. I needed to go to utilities to change the contrast. The demo worked but when I tried to play individual patches with the play button they did not sound. So again I went to utilities and did the factory reset. Now everything working perfectly.

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