Korg 01/W „no sound“ repair

A few weeks ago my 01/W started sounding „hissy“ and distorted and the output level dropped audibly. After a short power off it recovered without further action. But then, on the next day, all analog outputs were dead.

When I opened the housing I found two leaked electrolytic capacitors on the mainboard’s sub-PSU for the DAC and analog stages. This ±5 volts sub-PSU with two 100 mA voltage regulators is disposed behind the ±12 volts stabilisation circuitry of the main PSU and supplies stable and noise-free local voltages.

The caps C95 and C96 had ruptured and the sub-PSU and even more distant parts were spattered with electrolyt. And the really bad thing about leaked electrolyt on a printed circuit board is that it causes corrosion and damage of metallic parts and circuit traces. See the „overgrown“ capacitor C100 or the diode D3 on the photos for an impression of how this affects and proceeds.

To clean this type of mess I prefer cotton swabs heavily soaked with isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol). There’s no need to spare with the isopropanol, it does not do any harm to electronic components and evaporates without residue. And the cleaning should be repeated a few times with fresh swabs.

What has been left over from the „acid attack“ on my 01/W did not look dramatic at first. I replaced the two evil caps, connected the mainboard and powered up the 01/W, but there was no sound. While measuring I found that the negative leg around the IC52 (79L05) was operational but IC53 (78L05) floated around at 0 volts on it’s output and input. Then I noticed that one of the C100 capacitor’s leads had been „eaten“ by the acid and — more important — the +12 volt trace below the lead had also been etched away.

So I replaced C100 and patched the broken trace by scraping off a bit of solder resist and bridging it with solder. As you can see on the photos I also replaced IC53, which stabilised at 4.5 volts and not 5.0 volts. Of course, it is not state of the art to replace an SOT89 SMD component with a TO92 through-hole component, but firstly it would have taken some amount of effort to get the SOT89 variant and secondly it is yet a robust and well-functioning replacement in this case (fitting pinout and leads, no thermal or mechanical aspects to be considered).

The other capacitors on my 01/W were apparently in a good condition, so I would not estimate this to be a general case of „bad-caps-alert“ for all the other 01/Ws around. However, in the recent past I read about 01/W owners on the net who have asked for advice on their whatever natured „no sound“ problem, and so this article may give you a hint towards the possible cause.

Update (October 07, 2008):

J-man sent me photos of his „no sound“ repair on a 01R/W, the rackmount variant of the 01/W. He writes: „I’m sending you the pictures of my fixed 01R/W, before and after the repair. […] I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures before the fixing: they are quite blurred, expecially one of them.“

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  1. Ken sagt:

    Hajo, where would these fused resistors be? Also what would be the best way to remove the surface mount capacitors if I don’t have a hot air solder tool.

    Thanks for your response!!

    Aloha, Ken

  2. Martillo sagt:

    Dear Hayo:
    I have one Korg 01/W FD, with a problem.
    Many sounds, is OK, but if I apply any wave shape, the sound is very bad, have a very amount of distortion, if work in single or double osc mode, with any, WS1 or WS2 , the sound is broken. I loss many sounds ( i need for recording with the same sounds, for re-make many songs) and dont have idea for repair this.

    Do you have idea for solve this problem?

    Many thanks.


    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Martillo,

      sorry for the long delay. Your description reminds me of Radek’s problem. Do a visual inspection of your 01′s mainboard, check the capacitors. That’s all that I can recommend at this point.

      All the best,

      • Radek sagt:

        sadly i had no chance to look further for problems on that cpu board. when i’ll get next one i’ll try to spot the problem :D

  3. Paul sagt:

    I have a Korg 01 WPro .. It seems to be stuck in a piano song, doesnt matter if I switch to Combi or Program, Banks or anything. I can change the sounds if I go into Edit Program and manually select, but once I select Combi or Program it reverts back to the original sound. What can the problem be?

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Paul,

      no instant ideas, sorry. Is the battery ok and did you try a factory reset? If the answer is yes and the behaviour still as you describe, then your 01W needs professional servicing.

      All the best,

  4. nick garcia sagt:

    I have a 01w that need a tune up the power switch is disconnected and the various keys dont sound or lay flat thank you hope you can get me back on track denver nick

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Nick,

      your words sound as if your new acquisition is in a disastrous condition. I am not sure if you will be able to get it back on track as a keyboard, rather as a sound module. I would start with checking the keybed. Be careful and do not touch the power switch unless you know what you are doing.

      All the best,

  5. steve sagt:

    I have only the default Piano sound on my Korg 01. I have been advised to change the battery. Once I do that, how do I reset to the to factory setting?
    Any other ideas as well?



  6. bernardo sagt:

    Hi Hajo and readers of this topics,
    is there also a site like this for the Korg M3 somwhere?
    This (for the M1) is excellent !!!!!!! (Thanks to Hajo) :)


  7. Adrien sagt:

    Hey Hajo,

    I need some advice. I’ve got a Korg 01/w FD that I frankensteined from other 01’s that I could find. Found one good motherboard and it lasted for a good while. But then I’m pretty sure one or many of the parts exploded or whatnot and now the only thing I get is a blank screen. Lights are on but nobody is home. I was wondering if maybe I could send you some pic’s of the full motherboard and maybe you could point me in the right direction to get my baby up and running again.


    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Adrien,

      I am sorry for maybe disappointing you, but I do not have the time for such an operation.

      Sorry again & all the best,

  8. Torsten Seiferth sagt:

    Dear Hajo,

    i also had a 01W/FD without any sound. So I followed your advice and replaced all the dead caps. I had to repair some of the circuit traces. Terrible. The voltages at the IC52/IC53 were correct and so I switched on the baby. There was sound but distorted effects (hall etc.). I searched other failures but couldn’t find anything. Then I noticed that on the back side of the motherboard was a white insolation strip which I forgot to assemble. It seems to be an insulation between the metallic parts of the keyboard and the back side of the motherboard.
    After powering on I heard good sound without any distortion but a little bit noisy.
    After that I measured out the „fusing resistors“ R142/R143. One of it was at 40 ohms (but must be at 20 ohms). For testing, I added a parallel resistor to get 20 ohms and so the noisy sounds were gone.
    So what is my question: Where can I get these fusing resistors (RF73) in Germany?
    Best regards

    • Torsten Seiferth sagt:

      Hi all,
      another important thing (in my opinion):
      The 5 screws (TS SSE BZMC 4×10) for attaching the bottom metal plate to the housing of the 01W are leaving some metal „dust“ (splinter) all around the holes if they are screwed in. Attention: This may cause in short circuit near the battery (CR2032). I think I killed the memory backup function! I noticed that the internal memory is lost after powering down the 01W!
      But all other functions are working well.

  9. Omar sagt:

    Hi HAJO,
    Thanks for the great job you are doing on thus site.
    My 10/Wfd shows the opening dispaly “KORG 01/Wfd MUSIC WORKSTATION“but cannot go further..no comb 00 dispaly..I pressed all the button none is responding.I tried to get back the factory sound by pressing COMPARE+RESET then TURN ON..It shows the date and ROM number,(oct-02-1991 ,ROM;#28)but cannot go further after pressing the GLOBAL button…PLEASE HELP..I JUST LOVE this keyboard…..Thanks.

  10. Brian sagt:

    how do i buy the 2 caps that have ruptured????…(mine have). I cant find a supplier

  11. WACinc sagt:

    Thank you for sharing all of your tips with the whole world. I my self am going through some technical difficulties that have burden me with concern over my Korg 01/W Pro. I bought it not too long ago 2 months to be exact! I bought it used from someone that had this amazing keyboard stored for years until he decided to part from it. The keyboard looks brand new even the finish looks intact!

    However, two weeks ago while setting up for a church event we were installing and setting things up. (This was an outside event, no rain in the forecast and under a tent)

    We powered both keys a Motif XS6 and the Korg 01/W Pro both keyboards working in perfectly conditions and coming from the same electrical strip. We did sound check and both worked fine. 15 Min later I came back to start the event and the Motif was on but the Korg had turned OFF. (While the „On“ button was on „On“ position)

    We tried a different outlet and power strip and even a different power cord but the Korg just simply did not power on at all. We did an odor smell checking for burning smell but nothing foul was detected. The Korg just simply turned off with no signs of any wrong doing or mishandling.

    I opted to write to you hoping this issue might be something other Korg fans have experienced and have shared their experience with you!
    I would really appreciate any insight on this matter any suggestion or comments if you have ever came across something similar. Thank you in advance!

  12. jesus sagt:

    I have a korg m1 and korg t3 and the sound is cracking sound every time you press the keys its in all the outputs .help me

  13. Michael Kenney sagt:

    I have exactly the same scenario as WACinc- I noticed my newly purchased, beautiful 01/W Pro wasn’t lit up. The next morning it was. While playing it, it shut down again, with no sign of life since. I opened it up, fuses are good- which was what I first went to check, hoping one wasn’t seated properly.
    AC is getting in to where it should be, nothing looks out of place or damaged. There is where my knowledge runs out…
    Is there a service manual available anywhere? I haven’t seen one mentioned.
    Thank you for a valuable resource.

    • Michael Kenney sagt:

      Oh, I might add- I have 2 fd’s, 2 Pro Xs, and this Pro, plus the band I work with has 3 fd’s, and I have never encountered this before.

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Michael,

      please pardon the delay. If the failure mode is no backlight plus no LEDs plus no audio, there is nothing else I could point at than the power supply unit. Did you measure the fuses or just visually inspect them?

      All the best,

      • Michael Kenney sagt:

        I did measure the fuses, all seemed good.

        I ended up taking it to my local shop. They found some bad caps on the 5v supply section on the main board- they look very much like the ones pictured at the top of this thread. They also mentioned resoldering some components…
        That part of the repair was inexpensive; getting into it at that level, not quite so much so. Ended up costing me $200, but it seems it is now as good as new.

        An extra little bit of info- I noticed that a company is selling backlights for the displays on these units on ebay for not too much. Again, it will require pulling the main board, but nice to know there is an update available for when the displays go dim, as they so often do with time.

  14. nick garcia sagt:

    Hi, I have been looking so long for you to help me get 01w back to new. Please tell me how to see you. I need my 01w desperatly I need to feed my family sincerly nick Garcia den colo.

  15. Diodac sagt:

    Korg01W I bought for the proverbial bottle of vodka :) of course the problem of no sound, it turned out that someone had put capacitors instead of resistors R142 and 143, accordingly I gave resistors 20ohm and now works correctly :)

  16. Silas sagt:

    Just wanted to thank you for posting all this info and keeping up with the replies. It’s been helpful.
    I’m considering buying an 01/W FD but the one I’m looking at has a couple of issues: hiss on the power supply area plus weird mixed up sounds playing simultaneously on power up (after some 20-30 secs it starts playing fine). This post has been helpful in figuring how much trouble it’ll be into repairing it.
    Keep up the good work.

  17. Jeff sagt:

    Thanks to all for the posts. HUGE help to me. My O1W gave some fizzes and hisses on the outputs about a year and a half ago and then stopped giving sound. It still worked as a MIDI controller but I still wanted to use the sounds I had created with it. I had no idea what was wrong until I came upon your post a few months ago. I finally took the O1W apart and compared it to your pics. Very much the same. The caps leaked and damaged one of the resistors (R142). I replaced the caps and ended up replacing the resistor. The challenge came in determining what the resistor was. Thanks to another commenter on what he discovered. It seems the resistors are 20 ohm, 1/8 watt. I couldn’t find a single in the store, so I ended up using two 10 ohm, 1/8 watt in series. It worked fine and now my O1W is back up and running! Thanks again!

  18. darek sagt:

    Dzień Dobry

    Noise and distortion caused by damage DRAM memory . When the capacitors are damaged memory could overheat and damage .

    DRAM 64×4 ( DIP18 , DIL18 ) – was used in Commodore64 , Atari , Amiga , PC x286 , x386 old ISA cards .

    matching are:

    FUJITSU dram mb81464-10
    NEC uPD41464 10
    IN41464P 10 .
    NEC D41464C 10
    OKI M41464-10
    Texas Instruments TMS4464 10NL
    Samsung KM41464 10
    NEC UPD 65536×4

    As a last resort you can remove memory – I just did. Then deactivate the block całby FX / effects. Then we get access to all supported sound without distortion.

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Darek,

      sorry for the delay. This is an extremely helpful and valueable information. Thank you very much!

      All the best,

  19. Eli sagt:

    Thanks so much for this – I had a problem as well with „no sound“ as well with my korg… It turns out the exact same capacitor was the issue…

    Your instructions were spot on. Thankyou

  20. Eduardo sagt:

    First, congratulations about your great job.
    I have 3pc Korg 01W. One of them have the problem of NO SOUND. Changed the IC53, the c100 and the bad condenser’s. Turned on, and sound is ok. Now the problem is the noise in all presets…
    Please tell me if the C97, C97, C99 and C100 are all same capacitors. Are they 104R or not?
    Many thanks

  21. Sam sagt:

    Hello Hajo! Do you have the specification for diode D3? That diode is blown on one of my boards ( not from capacitors but from a lightning strike…). I was thinking 1n4148 to test at least.

    Also has anyone replaced R142 and R143 with regular resistors instead of resistor fuses? Thank you! Sam

    • Sam sagt:

      It looks like the color bands on the diode are yellow silver or orange silver 1N4 10% or 1N3?

    • Sam sagt:

      Found it -RLS73 yellow silver bands Vr80v 100ma Vf1.2v 100ma. Ir 0.1 USA at 80v. smaller than 4148.

    • Sam sagt:

      My 01/w number four…Had no sound. C95 and c96 leaked onto R142 (which read 100 ohms). The regulators were spared and R 143 read 30 ohms. I scrubbed the area with alcohol and used 100uf 35v caps. I removed the bad resistor fuse and tied a 22 ohm resistor between C96- and C99. The sound is back.

      01/w main board three was hit by lightning from a radio tower. I replaced D3, all the caps, Roms, swapped CPUs but it still does not boot…this is the desolder practice board now…

      Thank you for a helpful site!

  22. JC sagt:

    Hello, thankyou for this value information about the 01..

    I just purchase a 01W/R the Rack version….and everything works good but I noticed after play any sound, I can hear a distorted sound in the background…..

    I tough was the headphones or the headphone level but no, still there…

    can you tellme any idea was could be the issue? as a first step Im going to change the battery but, you know better about it…

    waiting repply…..

    Thankyou so much!

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi JC,

      maybe the DAC needs a re-adjustment. Is it possible for you to provide an audio file?

      All the best,

      • Tommaso Scarabino sagt:

        hello Hajo, great page and article!
        I have the same problem of audio distortion on most sounds on my Korg T3.
        Any suggestions? What do you mean „DAC re-adjustments“?
        I can send an audio file example if necessary.
        I hope in your advice. Thanks


        • Hajo sagt:

          Hi Tommaso,

          check potentiometer VR1 for offset adjustment on DAC. Please also read the comments on bad DRAM ICs and the resulting noise effects. Send me an audio file example to 01w[at]kessener.net if you like.

          All the best,

  23. Pawel sagt:

    Hi Hajo,

    I bought 01rw. I have problem with hiss coming after power on the instrument. It is from power supply. I though that is TA042m capacitor. But after removing it and put new one from other power supply the hiss is still there (maybe not so loud like before but it is still there – very unpleasant). Any idea how to resolve that problem?


    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Pawel,

      just to be sure: it is not the whining sound of the display that you hear?

      All the best,

      • Pawel sagt:

        Hi Hajo,

        No, it isn’t. Display has no sound at all. The sound is coming for sure from power supply area. When I’m pressing on whole 01r/w cover the sound is quieteing little bit and modulating,

        Thanks a lot,


  24. BIll sagt:

    HI there, I powered my Korg O1Wf/d up after a few years, and I got the „internal battery is low“ and it doesn’t hold the presets. I loaded up a floppy with sounds and while everything loaded just fine (including my sequences)… no sound.

    I tried the outputs, I tried the headphones…. nothing.

    I’m not an electronics person… no idea how to repair solder replace the capacitors… or check for etching from the acid….

    I called some places to see if they could repair it… they all said Korg stopped support and replacement parts around 2003. I have so many sequences I want to transfer to my logic system… but I want to hear / match the sounds when I transfer over the sequences. So I need sound.

    I was wondering if anyone here is interested in repairing my O1W, and what it would cost. Shipping is already going to suck since the thing is so heavy to begin with… but maybe ground won’t be that bad…?

    Please let me know. Thanks guys!


  25. John01W sagt:

    First off, thanks so much for providing this blog about the 01/W „usual suspect“ cap failure. I love my 01/W very much and have it apart right now for a lcd screen upgrade.

    I’m going to recap the power supply and replace the known weak capacitors with a good brand. My soldering skills are very good but my knowledge of how the parts of the pcb work are limited.

    I want to upgrade to some very nice Elna or Nichicon caps but I’m wondering are C95, C96, C101 and C102 in the actual audio path, or would this section of the pcb benefit from some super nice audio grade caps?

    Again, I appreciate your 01/W fix blog very much. Love the 01/W so much, want to be proactive and save her from this failure.

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi John,

      the capacitors C95, C96, C101 and C102 are not in the audio path. The audio section is located near the MIDI connectors — see this photo for reference with the 2 x 4 (C75, C78, C81, C84 / C76, C79, C82, C85) coupling capacitors around the NJM2068 op-amps.

      Thank you for your kind words and thumbs up for your repair!

      All the best,

  26. Tony sagt:

    Hi Hajo
    Recently changed battery on M1 and tried to load factory reset to no avail…it still functions as a midi keyboard but the factory sound set just will not go in via midi…the program and combi all stay initialised…I am doing all the right procedures …what could possibly cause this…

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Tony,

      check the settings in the GLOBAL mode: MIDI channel 1, MIDI Filtering Excl. enabled, memory protections off.

      All the best,

      • Tony sagt:

        Thanks Hajo…I followed you instructions and the patchs went in…the programme and combi names all came up…unfortunately there is no sound …only a distorted undulating sound when the key is pressed…it changes pitch when a bass programme is used…also all the d keys do not work…when I swop the main board 1266 from my other M1 into the faulty M1 all the sounds and programmes are working perfectly …and all the keys are working…so I know that it is something on the main board 1266 that is giving me the problem…any ideas as to what the fault on the board could be…regards and thanks for your help…Tony

        • Hajo sagt:

          Hi Tony,

          I’d suppose that there is something bad going on with the supply voltages on the main board. As far as I know/heard, M1 boards do also suffer from bad caps just as 01/W boards do. You should examine the missing d-keys and the strange sounds separately. What you describe as „distorted undulating sound“ could be the result of an asymmetrical +/- 5 volts supply voltage for the analog circuitry. Do the d-keys work via MIDI (transmit/receive note events)?

          All the best,

          • Tony sagt:

            Hi Hajo…Thankyou for your reply…it appreciated…the d keys do not respond thru midi…but all the other keys send midi…regards Tony

  27. Tony sagt:

    Hi Hajo..great site…can anybody help me with this problem…Korg M1 making no musical sound just a undulating hissing sound that changes tone when I change programmes and all the d keys do not work all the way up the keyboard“…it’s sounds like an electrical impulse type of sound…when I swop the main board 1266 from my other M1 to this broken one the sound is perfect and all the keys work…anybody got any suggestions on what to replace…..Regards to you Hajo for a great site…Korg should give you a medal

  28. Cihangir sagt:

    Dear hajo we bought one of the KORG O1WFD second hand. its scop was not work. Because its flourest lamp was dead. We changed it than its working now. But when we touched any key we take a sound with crackle.

    Could you please say your opinion about this cracle sound reason is what.

    Even we changed some capasities but cracle was not stoped.

    I will very glad if i hear your valuable experiance opinion


    Cihangir Karabağlı ( İstanbul )

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Cihangir,

      to me this sounds like bad DRAM memory. I did not experience it myself yet, but another visitor, Darek, once posted a comment on that. Hope this helps!

      All the best to Istanbul,

      • Cihangir sagt:

        Dear Hajo,

        Many thanks four your valuable reply. You confirmed our opinion. Please do not hesitate if you want any thing from İstanbul.

        Best Regards


        • Glenn sagt:

          I have done quite a few repairs to 01Ws and M1s. I recently had an 01wfd which had suffered the common capacitor problem. The previous owner changed virtually every electrolytic cap on the main board but the keyboard was emitting very distorted audio on output 1 & 2. Output 3 & 4 seemed OK. Using the advice on this site I changed the DRAM. I had a problem finding new chips but I had an old M1 Main Board and they were the same so I used them. They can be removed by holding the main PCB component side down. Use a hot air gun on the solder side. When hot enough , a tap on the board lets them fall off. You then need to clean the legs of the chips for reuse and clean the holes through the board with desolder braid. I had to resort to a 1mm twist drill in a Dremmel to clear the holes completely. The replacement DRAM cured the problem and the 01Wfd seems fine.

          • Hajo sagt:

            Hi Glenn,

            thank you for your kind feedback and explanations. Very much appreciated!

            All the best,

  29. RW sagt:

    Hi, my 01R/W is outputting occasional bursts of white noise together with random channel dropouts, note doubling, note delay and apparent tone changes (possibly an illusion if only one of the timbres is dropping out).

    The caps ‚look‘ fine, not really sure what to do.

    Has anyone had these symptoms?


    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi RW,

      thank you for your visit and comment. As for me, I do not have a clue. Hopefully someone else will.

      All the best,

      • RW sagt:

        I swapped 5 of the 100uf caps, still no fix… will swap out the rest, Korg still service them in the UK so I have that as last resort.

        The bigger cap is 220uf and the smaller ones 10uf?

  30. adrian sagt:

    Hi. I ended up on your site, looking for a fix for my korg X3. There is not much advice on the net.

    My problem is allot of noise on just one of the channels.
    Who ever owned it before me recapped the area where the goes through the DAC’s and off to the audio board.
    I thought it would be a simple fix.
    I replaced all the caps that were replaced with better quality ones and cleaned up the mess that was there to begin with.

    Made no difference

    The korg works perfectly in everything else – its just this noise on the right channel.

    Im thinking the problem may be in the main chips. Is it possible that one of the main chips can go bad resulting in above problem.

    I dont know what else to try. I have gone over the board with a magnafying glass to no avail. I checked the power lines from the PSU but seems one channel is fine i dont think it could be this.

    Any ideas of any kind would be greatly apreciated. At this stage its more about finding and fixing the problem than ending up with a keyboard i can play. Have spent allot of time on it and I just hate accepting defeat!!


    • Glenn sagt:

      I have never worked on an X3 but this would be my ideas. My initial tests are primitive but would enable you to determine whether it was an analogue or digital problem. I often test the analogue route using a small, battery powered 3 watt amplifier, with volume control and small 2″ speaker. It has a clip on the ground input and a small probe on the the signal input. You can then clip the ground lead on signal ground and use the probe to work your way through the analogue path between the output jacks and towards the DAC. You can also do comparison between the good channel route and the bad channel route at similar points within the paths. I would also check the headphone output to see if that is also distorted in one ear. A good place to start testing the signal is the master volume control. If there is distortion right back to the DAC then you would probably be suspecting a digital problem. I know little about the digital side but from experience with M1 and 01Ws it is often track problems so worth getting a good magnifying glass and check for any blemishes on the tracks or around component legs that may infer an ‚open circuit‘. Good luck with it.

  31. RackMan sagt:

    Hi Hajo and all 01 lovers,
    on my 01R/W, i am getting similar errors as RW had a few posts back in march, i read you sent some eproms before so do you [or anyone on here] have the 01R/w eprom files? if so can you please upload or send them so i can get eprompro.com to write them to chip for me, or i can pay you a similar fee to write them and post to Australia.

    it’s worth a try, as i got it from blank to booting but with glitchy sound after doing the usual 5 caps, 2 fuse resistors, and damaged traces/SMD caps, as well as 120-pin IC42 [Korg MB87726] partial reseat [electrolyte went all over it so maybe internal damage? but no longer available from Korg Aust.]

    in my case i suspect it’s a digital issue – the MIDI response varies depending on what page i am on, and responds the same if i go back to that page [e.g- notes play only for 1st 10secs, or only 1 note every 2secs] and inbuilt songs always skip the same notes. once it actually played normally, but after reboot got digital distortion, then more reboots went back to it’s usual glitchy responses [bad IC joint somewhere?] -or could it be that pin 73 [test select 1] loosing connection to it’s trace made the chip stuck in test mode even when reconnected and power cycled? if so, anyone tried or know how to reset the IC’s using pin 63? i might try slicing it’s trace, power cycle, then bridge it back up.

  32. William Nicholson sagt:

    I have an o1w that powers up – but alas – no sound. I’m sure it’s the same the others. I also need a new battery to preserve the sounds I loaded.

    I need someone who can repair this for me… the capacitors, the battery… if you can help, let me know – and what it would cost. I would obviously pay for shipping both ways (so don’t put that into the parts / labor cost).


    • William Nicholson sagt:

      Hopefully someone will come along and assist? I Lee checking back but I’m the last post…. crossing my fingers!

  33. Taxib sagt:

    Hello, I have a 01w, when I turn it on, the sound sizzles when I play hard, and we hear another chopped sound behind with a delay. I do not know where the problem is. I need your help to see what to change.

  34. Claude Beaulieu sagt:

    I own a 01R/W and after two years without playing, the display was blue again but no more signal on the screen and no sound. I got 5 caps changed on mainboard and one behind the display card. Cleaned with isopropanol, the boards appeared intact without electrolyt spill. Also the power supply appeared normal.

    Unfortunately, I got no change: again, nothing seen on display without any sound. So I cannot select any control on display in order to initiate a factory reset program and select patches from the ROM memory. My technician told me to find another display unit…. Please can you help me to find a solution?

    • Hajo sagt:

      Hi Claude,

      as you write „blue again“, was it blue before in the past? And does the display show flickering on startup, pointing to the MCU doing an initialization? If the supply voltages are okay, what about the reset signal and the oscillator for the MCU? I’m in doubt somehow that a new display would remedy the situation.

      All the best,

  35. Bill sagt:

    Halo, anyone – know somebody who will repair my o1/w sound? The keyboard works perfect but no sound. Thanks!